Time, by Ben Vautier

On page 240 of Ben Vautier. Is everything art?

©2015 Museum Tinguely, Basel, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin, authors, artists and photographers [and translator!]. ISBN 978-3-86828-649-6

Truth be told, my problem is that I never have the time even to talk about time. In truth, I have come from the future to warn you that this exhibition will change the world in the year 3203. In truth, as John Cage said, it is all a question of using time. I would waver between having a beggar’s time to use or a billionaire’s.

The time has come to stop lying to Annie. The time has come to stop rushing around shows. The time has come to not give in to all the compromises. The time has come to stop getting into the spotlight for a bit of glory.

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