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Maks Dannecker’s beautiful work with objects, shapes, colour and reality.

Photography | Design and visual art.

Extension: Space installations. Scribbles. Slide shows. Mail Art. Architectural objects and their photographic reproduction. After images.
Main focus: Society, memetics, hyphenated identities. Precious metal markets, security technology. Faith and mythology with reference to the present.

Recent projects: Wirklichkeiten| Where Contemporary Alchemists Dwell

Current publication: Drei Kabinetträume 2012-Date. 

ISBN 978-3-929947-53-3 Herausgeber: Kunstverein Eislingen, 1. Auflage 2018, 60 Seiten, Hardcover, DE/EN.

Texte: Prof. Uwe J. Reinhardt, Stuttgart/Düsseldorf, Mag. Ulrike Guggenberger, Salzburg. Übersetzung: Alexandra Cox, MSc. MA, Köln. Installation Views: Paul Kottmann, Maks Dannecker. Layout und Bildbearbeitung: Dennis de Kort.






Internationale Photoszene Köln



Chris Potter, a Cologne-based photographer


FRANCE Industriepartner. Executive Search & Interim Management

French-German staff consultants, based in Düsseldorf. Offering recruitment services, intercultural training and interim management in the fields of technology, business and consulting.