Olympics – Past & Present

Olympics – Past & PresentOlympics_smaller

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Contributions translated from German into English by Alexandra Cox:

Olympia and the Games in Roman Times, by Ulrich Sinn (p. 53)

Elis and Messenia. New Research, by Xeni Arapojanni (p. 69)

The Forgetting and Rediscovery of Olympia from the Beginnings to the Expédition de Morée, by Alain Schnapp (p. 85)

The Olympian Landscape and its Restoration after the Fires, by Olympia Vikatou & Katerina Paraschi (p. 108)

The Treasuries and Anicent Olympia’s Foreign Relations, by Peter Baumeister (p. 119)

Well Finds, Festival Delegations and Festive Occasions, by Werner Gauer (p. 127)

The Programme of the Ancient Olympic Games, by Christian Wacker (p. 155)

The Summer Olympics. A Historical Step into the Topic, by Karl Lennartz (p. 183)