Co-Exist, by Bela B Felsenheimer

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To accompany the exhibition at Leica Galerie Salzburg, 18.10.2019-15.02.2020
Franziska Stünkel Coexist Bela B Felsenheimer Franziska Stünkel Coexist

Bela B Felsenheimer
Musician, Writer and Actor, Germany

Mirrors have always fascinated us humans. We are addicted to our reflection, even if what we see does not please us every time. It is an artist’s dream to take a glimpse behind the mirror. What reality awaits us there?
However, if the mirror is only a glass pane, it is possible to look through it into another space, another world. If we direct our attention toward the pane’s surface, we discover our doppelgangers’ world, the habitat of our mirror images; not only in the form of a reflection, but as reality above tangible fact. It is a dimensional gateway, where a truth is acknowledged: everything exists simultaneously and everywhere. Infinity belongs to us, and we have an obligation—we have permission—to share it. Those claiming a world solely for themselves will find it on the rear side of the mirror. It is black there.

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